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This May we will have 3 events.

16 – 17 May 2016
The workshop breaks down the processes of becoming an iOS developer.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate.
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23 – 24 May 2016
The workshop breaks down the processes of becoming an Android developer.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate.
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28 – 29 May 2016.
OpenCV training using Python. Hands-on, practical exercises will be plenty.
9.00am to 6.00pm at Ovul Damansara.
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OpenCV training using Python

Introduction to Computer Vision for Robotics

Course Overview:

Computer vision is fast becoming a major component of a robotics system. With the capability to process and analyse visual data, the robot is able to ‘see’ and perceive its surrounding, thus completing tasks that are beyond imaginable limits of non-visual robots. Incorporating computer vision is the crucial next step in advancing your robotics systems.

This course will introduce the basic principles of computer vision, with emphasis on applications in robotics. The participants will learn the theories behind how computers capture 2D images and translate them into meaningful 3D information. Hands-on, practical exercises will be plenty, where participants will develop algorithms and control a mobile robot to perform tasks such as obstacle avoidance, ball tracking and target recognition, using no other sensors but a webcam.

Participants will be using the OpenCV library in the Python programming language. OpenCV is widely used in computer vision developments, as it hosts a large number of useful tools and algorithms. Python is the preferred language as it is easy to learn, and has great integration with OpenCV. This combination also has a world-wide supportive online community, providing contents, guidelines and tutorials for our advantage.



More details:

EagleEye – Malaysia’s first drone company aims to alert you real-time if your neighborhood is under conflicts.

Human transplanted kidney costs MYR 5,000 to MYR 9,000. This is the price tag in recorded 2012, four years back. And about 60,000 transplants are taking place worldwide each year, where 1 in 10 were done illegally. 

Scary enough?

Daily Mail reported that:

“Wealthy patients are paying up to £128,500 (roughly $191,028 today) for a kidney to gangs, often in China, India and Pakistan, who harvest the organs from desperate people for as little as £3,200 (roughly $4,756 today)”

For your information, organ trading and trafficking has been a “very profitable and impatient industry” since The New Millennium. And it is still ongoing, staggering US$1 billion a year! That number is only  in China alone. p:s I wonder if they are hiring.

Organ harvesting drama.


Enough about kidneys, how about other crimes such as human kidnapping, robberies, rapes and murders?

Crimes are taking places everywhere and citizen’s security is still a gamble. We do not have military level security, to watch over huge perimeter, taking care of everyone’s safety. 

The Solution – EagleEye

an intelligent drone that fly for only one reason; to save lives.





#1 How?

EagleEye patrols your neighborhood by flying autonomously day and night, 24/7. Using high definition camera, EagleEye detects suspicious activity, analysing them using artificial intelligence.

EagleEye captures visual evidences like video and image, in real-time using Computer Vision technology called as OpenCV.

Whenever EagleEye detects suspicious activity, it will instantly triggers alert to authorities like police and security agencies for instant action. Snapshots are taken for human verification, making sure that crimes are managed at almost instant.

#2 EagleEye is intelligent enough to analyse crime event




We implanted artificial intelligence so that it can learn crime and differentiate between serious and non-serious activities. Well, we do not want to send officer just because two guys just give each other’s a paw.

The level of intelligence does not only detect occurred events but uses captured data to predict upcoming crime activity. Like, busy but wide roads are highly potential for theft involving bikes.

EagleEye is also ready to provide feeds 100% accurate to the involved parties.

#3 EagleEye craves for top safety


Imagine a security guard “flying” 10 metres away from your house and he never need get drowsy, never need lunch break or even take 5. He keeps roaming around until he needs “sleep”. While he’s off to sleep, another security guards come and continue scouting. Another words saying is, its a 24/7, no pause, security.

Nahhh.. I have CCTVs?

Good for you, sir. However, CCTV is static. 

Meanwhile, EagleEye flies autonomously, detects suspicious activity intelligently, alerts the involved authorities, and at the same time, helps police to execute safety and security well planned and throughout.

#4 Shut up and take my money!!

Hang on there buddy, EagleEye is waiting for a new regulation on the use of drones in Malaysia which is anticipated that Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) will renew Act of Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) 4/2008 this year 2016.

Lets pray together it is executed ASAP.


Drones is very soon to be reliable usage in daily life.

We are not here to take anyone’s job. But drones will be the ultimate solution, to ensure highest level of security around us. The implementation will be in stages, thus we still need people to cooperate with.

And EagleEye will never be dictator’s army. It has the communication ability to hear what you want it to hear. For instance, you saw a guy brutally attacked at a corner. You can tell the drone to go and check it out, instead of risking your safety. Drones will take care of it with its procedures.

Some words from the IntelliJian – “we are too excited to get this project on field. We cannot wait to help more people with our AI solutions”.


To achieve better neighborhood’s security, we are inviting skillful engineers and innovative designers to work with us, so that all Malaysian citizens can live happier in a longer period of time. Please do contact us.

Many thanks.

Images credited to KONAMI: