Soding –┬áHire top-notch software developers using Artificial Intelligence –

What is Soding?

Soding is an application that helps companies to find top notch programming talents using Artificial Intelligence. It provides a reliable, consistent and accurate talent finding platform, while also helping talents to analyze their skills, values and portfolios while suggesting improvements where necessary in order to make them more competitive in the job market.

How it works?

Businesses have a long-standing issue with finding and choosing the right candidate for the job. There have been numerous instances whereby companies would choose a wrong candidate that initially look to be a perfect addition to the team, based on the interview process, experience and their academic performance, but turned out to be incompetent once hired. This incurs a huge cost in terms of the hiring (and possibly terminating) expenses as well as training costs in order to ensure that the new employee will be able to perform as expected.

Why Soding?

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Soding is extremely unique in its approach of recommending the best candidates for companies. Soding works with Github, which is used by millions of developers worldwide, in order to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the competency of candidates. Besides that, Soding offers a very simple interface as well as account registration process, whereby candidates can simply authorize the access to their Github profile, and everything else will be taken care of by our machine learning engine.