Introducing Soding – Part II

First and foremost, we would want to thank you all for your tremendous responses from our previous post ( There is nothing better than getting positive feedback to keep us going with this incredible project, Soding.

github star wars

github star wars

However, we do not leave critics and concerns behind. There are few interesting thoughts on Soding that attract our interest. For that, we are more than happy to share what we think about those…

Hiring do consider soft skills and attitude

When we first found Soding, we had a long debate on Soding’s ability to resolve industry problem. Some of us strongly believe that one does not simple get hired because of his programming skills, but his attitude does counts. That is why there are interviews – To meet the in person, to decide whether this person can adapt the new working environment.

No such employer wants to hire a good skilled programmer but unmannered in his words, right?

So, we have been and still working closely with a neuron expert to make Soding, a perfect tool to diagnose your ability to perform. Soding version 2.0 takes human psychology as a part of diagnosis. There will be more input factors and even further diagnosis, taking count your feelings, actions and way of thinking as factor related to your job performance.

This might sounds too advanced, but our research prove it is possible to be done. We will release more updates on this as we go along.

I don’t have a public account on GitHub

The trick is soding needs access to enter your Git history, your codes and activities to analyze your profile. Thus, disallowing the access would not be the limitation of Soding, but the repository itself.

Well, a teacher can’t assess her student if the student does not submit his assignment, isn’t it?

Moreover, it’s the rule of thumb that job candidates need to find job, not the other way round. Soding is an adaptive system to solve common needs of today’s programmers. We recommend you to be a part of it as it helps you to Increase your skills, values and portfolios.

On top of these, we are looking into possibilities to access private account, for better analysis. Good lead that we have now is the one need to be hidden is the code itself, not the activities. So, Sign Up now as we will keep posting the updates for this.

Integration with other platforms such as Stackoverflow

We believe that GitHub is the best platform to start with considering it is the ‘facebook’ for programmers. Everyone is there. Well, majority of them at least.

Later, Soding will be available in ‘extension’ version where we will plant them in other big job recruitment platforms. This allows more head hunters and hiring employers to find best talents in Soding.

As for other web-based Git repos, stay tuned as integrating with them is part of Soding’s future plan.


Leave us message on what you think? Suggestion and critics are highly appreciated!

Introducing Soding

You are about to witness, the next-generation of industry hiring

Hiring best programmers

Hiring best programmers

Le problem

Have you ever tried to make your resume looks great? Sometimes you may need to make it an exaggerated one?

Well, don’t bother because everybody does the same. Do not take the blame because not all statements in resume are quantitative. Say such, “I am a good programmer. I was the best PHP developer back in my previous employment”.

It’s neither wrong nor right to say this. It may sounds like you were really great back then if there were 30 programmers and you are the one who kept getting employee of the month award.

What if there were only 2 programmers there. And the junior one was an intern. It is, too, right to say so.

This and many other qualitative measure issues are not a direct problem for potential employees. Instead, it’s the problem to the employers. It is because current job recommendation systems are not practical and misleading. They consume lots of money, effort, man power and time to find matched job candidates.

Years of research came to a point where interview candidates need to sit for an exam, to prove their worth. These exams need you to know everything-in-one-hour which is not the nature of a programmer. You do not memorise every line of codes instead, you should be good in using them. You know where to find the codes, and keep researching to find the most efficient programming solutions.

Le Solution

It’s a job recommendation system

In Soding, we believe every single programmer is unique. They should not be classified by only years of experience but filtration should be much deeper and realistic.

We use Machine Learning, as a part of Artificial Intelligent, to study the Personality, Intelligence, and Expertise of programmers and the Impacts on Software Development.

This solution is compacted into a job recommending system. It defines how much effort you put on, your achievements, efficiency and affectivity of your work.

Why Soding – Employers
• Practically the cheapest solution compared to current big industries’.
• Easy to use – we focus on the simplicity of user interface and processes.
• 2nd best – most accurate Machine Learning Engine in the market.
• Help you keeps you wallet – reduce needs of costs, man power, effort and time.

Why Soding – Candidates
• Increase your skills, values and portfolios.
• Coach – Give insights about your works and how do you improve.
• Market – Expose your talent to potential hiring agent.
• Let the system appreciate your Talent – We will match you with the best fit job available

How it is done?
1. Login into the App
2. Link to your GitHub Account
3. Relish your insights

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