Important of Github

Scouring for talents on GitHub, our AI engine found that this talent has the right quality for recommendation to our clients (hiring employers). After communicating with him, we found out that he just completed his diploma and will further his studies soon, so he had to reject the offer. This goes to show that your commitment and contribution on GitHub do not go unnoticed. For software developers, this should be your first reference to demonstrate how good you are with your coding skills, while resume and experience comes second.

For those who do not have GitHub profile and want to look for job, you can sign up as talent from the link below, and we will send an assessment for you to answer. But my advice is to start building your GitHub profile sooner rather than later, because from what we have seen, some employers do not only consider your GitHub profile as first reference, sometimes it can be THE ONLY reference.

Soding Candidate Testimonial

Soding Candidate Testimonial

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