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Reinvent Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence

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Blockchain is the future of finance. It is the future of how all transactions is going to work. We are talking about money, business and the world. Blockchain decentralizes all transactions via nodes, which are participated by market participants such as peoples, businesses, banks and securities firms. It is state-of-the-art technology. Thus, the blockchain thinking is required now in order to create efficient transactions for enlarging future.

Bittersweet of Blockchain.

Blockchain will be used to create smarter, more efficient systems for all supply chains, gaming, multi-media rights management, car rental, real estates sell & purchase, Government proof of identity and insurance record management.

Openness, speed, security, privacy, reliability, accountability and transparency will be the key values running in blockchain thinking. The only bitter thing about blockchain is middlemen/intermediaries will be cut out.


We believe that AI is making world a better place. We are interested about AI role in Blockchain.

The technology is powered by second generation, as the first one has brought us to Internet of information era. The second generation is demanding compliance in their businesses, which has open new innovation door to transform all human affairs, wiser.

You should care because you would wanted to know where is this meat came from. Or for artist, you wanted to know who is currently have your trademarked/IP properties. For donors, you can know where you donations goes to. For Muslim, you can know where and how your zakaat is managed.

Now, you know the capabilities of this revolution. Blockchain is indeed an intense creation.

Permissionless & Permissioned Blockchain.

Blockchain is originally permissionless, publicly shared and decentralized. Meaning, it is detached from the central monetary system. Historically, Bitcoin is one of the famous and the most ideal cryptocurrency for technology fundamentalists. But not economists. Security firms claimed that participants that are involved in permissionless Blockchain is danger to the society that the firms faced difficult time to track suspicious activity.

Second, the ledger is shared to act as a source of truth for businesses in the blockchain. This means, shared ledger can records all transactions across the business network among participants and copies of the records are exact and replicable.

Today, permissioned and private Blockchain are existing. Permissioned means participants can only see sufficient documents that requires consensus/agreement/permission. They need to be validated from involved ends to reach consensus. This is to lower the risk of faulty transactions since interference can be occured across many places at the exact same time.

Blockchain network will be not just public ledger, but also concern about private parties in which only authorized parties are allowed to join in the transactions. Records can be protected with a digital signature and to seal the record, the permissioned blockchain will generate a private and public key. Therefore, participants can only see what they are allowed to see. Versioning history of unique IDs for customer, invoice and reference numbers will be appear clear and transparent in all transactions which are unchangeable and final.

IntelliJ’s quest in Blockchain.

Despite all these fancies about Blockchain, we like to extend its capability argumentatively.

Efficiency, trust-ability and independence are the keys of a mining operation so to record transactions.

We are interested in this quest:

How to make the operation to think independently and shared mutual way of thinking in all networks as creatively and spontaneously as an ingenuine human?


Finally, we are absolutely aware that blockchain will create winners and losers. Although so, we cannot afford dislocation and insecurity in our money management.

Centralized is thought as suitable for building-fintech-products thinking, whilst decentralized is more free-ier, allowing re-innovation in the whole operation. Both ways are responsible to generate prosperity to the country.

In case you are interested too in innovating blockchain technology, we should spend more time in its thinking within compliant philosophy together because the disruption is real and is indeed coming into the way.

Imagine about empowering blockchain in all IoT network. For that, time will be the ultimate unit of measurement.


Transformation is not about improving, it is about re-thinking. -Malcolm Gladwell

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