How to think like a computer scientist?

Alan Turing as a Computer Scientist

Alan Turing as a Computer Scientist

What is science? What is computer science anyway? Computer science is the study of computers. It is an art of science that representing and processing information. How about definition of computer scientist? Each person has their own perspective and way of looking at things about the definition itself. It is more related to concept of theoretical, engineering and solution provided on specific domain of computer science. Most of the time, computer scientist field conquered by male gender instead of female because of the two reasons. First, is there are no fair and equality treat to women compare to male and increasing disturbing possibility where women can be a computer scientist that discouraged them to participate. Second is related to demographics where male often entering colleagues and the jobs opportunity are more towards to male compare to female. How to think like a computer scientist? Computer scientist not only think solely about technical perspective but it’s beyond than that. In this case study, we will discuss more details about 3 views how to think like a computer scientist.

First view is computer scientist must have interacted faith when dealing with science. Science without philosophy is blind but philosophy without science is emptiness. So religion perspective is very important when we want to conclude any hypothesis before it been made. Even new great discoveries have found by the computer scientists without religion and philosophy involvement, it will become blind and strayed because no proper aim, objectives and goals. But experiment or observation on the name of science without religion and philosophy are useless and emptiness because unknowing purpose of creation.

Second view is a computer scientist must always present solutions to problems, to prove some math theorems, to make precise analyzes of computational tasks, to propose general theories, or to organize bodies of knowledge. Compare to mathematicians who do algebra think different from mathematicians who do geometry but both kinds of mathematicians think different from computer scientists who work on useful algorithms that computer can perform. Computer scientist also need to think about the hardware and software. There are a lot of computer problems can be solved with proper techniques as mention before this, one of it is to create an effective algorithm because we believe computer or “machine” far more powerful and capable of solving real world problems which humans cannot do.

Third view is computer scientist need to work in three distinguishable areas which are design of hardware components and especially total systems, design of basic languages and software broadly useful in applications, including monitors, compilers, time-sharing systems and methodology of problem solving with computers. Second view is more similar to third view but it is more emphasize computer scientist areas. One example related to hardware components, currently computer scientist successfully found a way how to optimize the hardware memory and boost up computation capability according to Moore’s Law. They try to emulate computer like human brain so it can process more complex algorithm and at the same time try to copycat human brain to be an artificial computer brain.


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