OpenCV training using Python

Introduction to Computer Vision for Robotics

Course Overview:

Computer vision is fast becoming a major component of a robotics system. With the capability to process and analyse visual data, the robot is able to ‘see’ and perceive its surrounding, thus completing tasks that are beyond imaginable limits of non-visual robots. Incorporating computer vision is the crucial next step in advancing your robotics systems.

This course will introduce the basic principles of computer vision, with emphasis on applications in robotics. The participants will learn the theories behind how computers capture 2D images and translate them into meaningful 3D information. Hands-on, practical exercises will be plenty, where participants will develop algorithms and control a mobile robot to perform tasks such as obstacle avoidance, ball tracking and target recognition, using no other sensors but a webcam.

Participants will be using the OpenCV library in the Python programming language. OpenCV is widely used in computer vision developments, as it hosts a large number of useful tools and algorithms. Python is the preferred language as it is easy to learn, and has great integration with OpenCV. This combination also has a world-wide supportive online community, providing contents, guidelines and tutorials for our advantage.



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